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Joan McBride, State 48th District Representative
Bea Nahon, former KAN Co-Chair
Mary-Alice Burleigh, former Mayor
Dave Russell, former Mayor
Nona Ganz, former Council Member & Park Steward
Bill Woods, former Mayor
Scott Morris, President Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance
Bob Neir, Author & former Mayor
Michelle Sailor, former President Market Neighborhood
Dave Ramsay, former City Manager
Lynn Stokesbary, former Parks Director
Sue Keller, former Parks Board Chair
Toby Nixon, Kirkland City Council Member
Jennifer Schroder, former Parks Director
Scott Becker, President Rotary Club of Kirkland
Dan Turner, former Houghton Community Council
Lisa McConnell, former KAN Co-Chair
Kathy Feek, Kirkland Parks Foundation Board
Dana Nunnelly, Kirkland Parks Foundation Board
Thomas Pendergrass, former Kirkland Transportation Commissioner
Kelli Curtis, Kirkland Park Board & Houghton Community Council
Roger Blier, CEO at Passport Unlimited
Walt and Kathy Krueger
Carl Wilson, former Kirkland Transportation Commissioner
Curt Blake, President of Spaceflight Services
Dr. Steve Risa
Hazel Russell
Myron Lewis
Marlene Lewis
John Perlic
Donna Porter
Molly Michener
Joanne Wright
Jeanne Acutanza
Cassandra Andriychenko
Sally Otten
Rob Butcher
Paul Neir
James Neir
Troy Thiel

PO Box 2832, Kirkland, WA 98083
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